It is very rare that we see influential personalities openly taking a stand for improving the education scenario in Pakistan.

Shahzad Roy, popular Pakistani singer and Founder of Zindagi Trust, is one of the few celebrities who have been making endless and prominent efforts to make Pakistan’s educational infrastructure better and more beneficial to children.

His aim is to make schools affordable and safe for children.

Recently, Shahzad took to Twitter to announce a very important development that he is expecting to bring out in Pakistan’s education sector:

It is true, taking admission tests in school can be quite a traumatic experience for children so young of age. Not only is it stressful and frustrating due to the pass/fail and rejection fear, but it also places undue pressure on the child.

Many people are supporting what Shahzad has said and look forward to the positive change.

People are also sharing their own experiences where their little ones have been rejected admission by schools.

However, this has given rise to a very important question:

If there will be no admission tests, how exactly will schools gauge children? It is not possible for schools to take in each and every child that applies for admission.

Well, let us wait and see what Shahzad has to say about this.

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