Twitterati took over the internet after Ufone 4G tweeted a gripping teaser on their social media with a mysterious hashtag Waqt Honay Wala Hai. The hashtag immediately caught the attention of bloggers and celebrities along with thousands of others who tried solving the secret behind kes cheez ka waqt honay wala hai.

Everyone inquired about the same question as they deciphered Ufone 4G’s message in the teaser.  But no one had a clue and no one could ever think of what Ufone 4G would be coming up with next.

When nothing else worked Twitterati and Instagramers started to cook up crazy theories to solve the mystery behind the hashtag and oh! let’s not forget about the funny answers that circulated the internet all weekend.

Well, (drum roll) the wait is FINALLY over, the curtain has been lifted and Ufone 4G has, at last, answered the weekend’s most trending question: Kes Cheez Ka Waqt Honay Wala Hai?


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