Disastrous Rainfall Karachi
Image Source: Dawn

The monsoon season has always been extremely tragic for Karachiites. However, this year, the terrible blow of monsoon took the metropolitans by surprise. Regardless of the socio-economic classes that people belong to, this spell of the disastrous Karachi rainfall has undoubtedly effected both sides of Karachi in varying yet overwhelming ways.

The underprivileged affectees

The ‘kachi-abaadi’ dwellers and residents belonging to areas with ill-structured houses have been through hell. Poor daily wagers, despite the disastrous rainfall, had no choice but to step out and work to earn a living.

Vendors selling fruits, ice-cream, corn (bhutta), among other street foods, were seen standing by the side-walks. Many of them became homeless as the rain wrecked their houses. Several people even lost their lives as the roofs collapsed. They were helpless and could do nothing but see the city drown.

The Elites Suffered Too

People from posh areas (like DHA) also faced their fair share of challenges as the disastrous spell of rain hit the metropolis. From power shutdown to flooded roads and houses – the lives of the elite class got disrupted too. After the sixth spell of the monsoon rain in Karachi, almost half of the mobile towers were shut down due to some disturbances in the supply chain of the telecom sector.

Being unable to contact their loved ones in the havoc and chaos caused by the unexpectedly disastrous consequences of the rain, the residents got infuriated.
People called out the authorities for their incompetence and the lack of infrastructure facilities that the government has provided to the financial hub of the country. Dealing with the aftermath of monsoon rainfall, that too amidst a pandemic, was too much for Karachiites to handle.

The Elites Flaunting Their Privileged Self

However, there were still a few who could not be less empathetic towards the affectees. Traveling in Vigos, splashing water on the passersby – their privilege was screaming at the top of their lungs.

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Not cool at all

Taking It To Twitter

People poured out their grievances on Twitter, highlighting the pathetic conditions of the city after the rain. Some shed light on the seriousness of the situation while others demanded their rights to be served. The miserable condition of the town also became a breeding ground for political debates.

On Twitter, Karachiites painted a picture of how the “City of Lights” drowned into gloominess:

Where Are The Authorities? 

The government is now held responsible for the flawed and imbalanced urban planning policies and practices that have exacerbated the condition of the city over the years. Under the Sindh government, Karachi is considered as one of the most highly compromised cities of Pakistan. Karachiites have hence started demanding Karachi to become a separate province or administrative unit. Rightfully so, the city has been neglected for years and now needs attention more than ever.

Although the monsoon rainfall superficially seems to be a natural crisis, if we dig deeper into its dynamics, it unfolds as a human-made disaster in Karachi due to the negligence and incompetence of the Sindh government towards the city. The destruction, caused by these well-forecasted monsoon spells, can be curtailed with proper planning and administrative measures.

Are there any solutions to this situation? Can Karachi survive in the hands of the powerful elite? Is there still some hope left? Let us know in the comments below!

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