[Lahore, 19th February 2022]: Kashmir Cooking Oil launched season 2 of Kashmir Beats with a star-studded event at Lahore Polo Club. The event featured live music, Turkish dancing, a fire show and a line-up of this season’s celebrities. 

The event began with an interactive red carpet where celebrities, corporate guests, influencers and socialites gathered to celebrate the launch of Kashmir Beats Season 2. The stars from this season signed their memento photos on the hall of fame wall and spoke to Sophiya Anjum, the red carpet host, about their songs and what to expect from this season of Kashmir Beats. 

DJ Sherry and Lenny Messy, Pakistan’s renowned saxophone player, opened the show with live music complimented by a mesmerizing whirling dervish performance. The Turkish dancers wore eye-catching costumes with neon lights in red and white and gave a stellar performance. 

Following this, Ahmed Ali Butt, one of the stars from this season, opened the event for Kashmir Beats Season 2. He invited, CEO Mr. Akbar Muggo and Director Mr. Mohammad Muggo, of Kashmir Cooking Oil, to unveil the promo for this season. Mr. Muggo gave positive remarks about the vision of the company and Kashmir Beats, and proceeded to share the promo with the audience. 

Later, Ahmed Ali Butt proceeded the event by having a discussion with Mian Shahzad Khalid, Director Marketing of Kashmir Cooking Oil, regarding the vision behind Kashmir Beats and what to expect this season. Mr. Shahzad then called upon stage the director of the show, Mr. Haris Qadeer along with the 3 main composers, Mr. Shuja Haider, Mr. Shani Arshad and Mr. Shani Haider and had a discussion about their experience of making the songs. 

After this, Ahmed Ali Butt invited the stars of the show, including Zahra Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Bushra Ansari, Reema, Hira Mani, Hira Bukhari and Ali Azmat on stage and had a chitchat regarding their songs for this season of Kashmir Beats. The final treat of the show was the reveal of the first song of this season, “Haq Allah” by Ali Azmat, along with all other celebrities on stage enjoying the fire show, confetti shower, and grooving to the beat. The crowd got completely hooked to the new song and sang along with their favorite celebrities. 

The night ended with another enthralling performance by DJ Sherry and Lenny Messy along with a synchronized fire show. 

The launch has set high expectations from this season of Kashmir Beats and the first song by Ali Azmat has already lived up to the expectations. 

Kashmir Beats is all about superstars entertaining the masses in an effort to uplift their spirits and the launch reflected just this. This season will bring our favorite stars in a new light and showcase their passion of singing. It will bring 15 brand new songs that will make you want to sing along with the stars. It features a star-studded line up with the likes of Reema Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, Farhan Saeed, Mehwish Hayat, Ali Azmat, Urwa Hoccane, Bushra Ansari, Hira Mani, Ayesha Omar, Kinza Hasmi, Anoushay Abbasi, Rup Magon, Hassan Hayat, Khan, Zarnish Khan, Omer Shahzad, Shani Arshad, Shuja Haider, Shany Haider, Aisha Ijlal, Hiba Bukhari, and Nida Hussain; you would be amazed to see how well your favorite actors sing brand new and original music.

Stay tuned to Kashmir Cooking Oil’s YouTube page for some exciting song releases by your favorite stars! 

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