Samsung foldable are exp to repair
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When you buy a new smartphone, you handle it with utmost delicacy for many weeks. Eventually, a person can feel more care-free while using the phone but they still want to take care of it. When a smartphone is a flagship, the care is constant due to how much the phone actually cost. That said, Samsung smartphones have been among the most robust ones since a long time now. They offer good durability and high functionality, alongside self-repair options.

Now, Samsung is expanding its Self-Repair program to include 16 more devices, including the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. Yes, the foldable smartphones of the company are also going to be a part of the self-repair program. Under this program, Samsung provides specific kits to the users, that they can use to repair their respective phones. These kits can include the screen panel, charging ports and much more.

repair kits of foldable Samsung phones
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Samsung Repair Kits Available

This marks the first time Samsung foldable devices are made repairable and will be supported by iFixit, joining the Pixel Fold as one of the few folding smartphones with repair options. This means that people who own the foldable phones can also make use of the repair kits to fix their own smartphones. It also allows users to explore the inner workings of their foldable phones more.

The specific parts available for repair through the program are not yet disclosed, but Samsung hints that users will be able to fix components such as the screen, speakers, and charging ports. These are three of the most important parts of a smartphone. If the company is offering kits to repair these components, then the market can go quite far with such an innovation. To be able to repair a foldable phone sounds good.

repair kits and other parts for broken phones
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Repair Is Not Cheap

The pricing for the repair kits remains unknown, but considering the high costs of replacing parts on the Pixel Fold, it is speculated that the repair kits for Samsung devices might also be relatively expensive. If the actual replacement cost of parts for the foldable phones is high, the repair kits will also be expensive. Thus, it means that you have to be ready to invest a pretty penny into self-repair for your foldable phone.

Samsung is expanding the Self-Repair program to 30 additional European countries, with details on when spare parts will be available and the European rollout start date yet to be confirmed. However, this gives us hope that repair kits for Samsung phones will be more readily available now.

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