BAIC BJ40 in production in Pakistan
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Automobiles in Pakistan are being produced by the dozen. Whether you are a fan of SUVs or compact, Pakistan has something for you. There are many preferences here and we have an announcement today. As we know, the production has really gone up. MG has started to locally produce here so it has gotten a lot better. MG cars are being seen as much as KIA is. Among all this, BAIC has also taken a stand. The BJ40 is here!

Yes, you heard that right. The BJ40 is a 2.0Litre vehicle, made by BAIC. BAIC is a company that had a lot of hype in 2019. However, they went quiet and underground due to the pandemic. Now, with the vaccine out, they have really started to progress well. In recent news, they have shared new images of the BJ40. Alongside, they have mentioned that the BJ40 has officially gone into production in Pakistan.

BAIC BJ40 and specs
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BJ40 And Specifications

If you are a fan of big vehicles, you will love this one. As mentioned, it features a 2.0-litre turbo engine. The last part tells you that the pick-up speed of the car is quite impressive. You can go from zero to high in quite less time, minimising the time it takes to pick. Looking at the interior, the seats on the vehicle are quite comfortable. You don’t have to worry about back pain on long drives.

It has ample storage and seating space. The vehicle seems like it would be a good fit for the whole family. In addition to this, there is absolutely no compromise on features and ease of access. The amount of functionality available to the driver is quite a lot. One can spend days just trying to figure out what each button and lever does. The BJ40 is expected to give a fuel average of between 9-10 kilometres to the litre.

Additional Information

Apart from this, we know that the vehicle is set to be locally produced. Now, it seems that there is going to be good competition in the market. The price bracket of the car is not confirmed yet but it is surely a hefty investment. Additionally, being locally produced means tax reductions under the new auto policy. All of this comes as a combination of good news to us!

Being an off-road vehicle, the BJ40 might just try to move above the currently residing off-road vehicles. We know that there is a lot of application for off-road in Pakistan so this vehicle will be popular. Who knows, maybe the public floods the showrooms with a willingness to buy this vehicle.

BJ40 ;ocally producing in Pakistan
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