OnePlus Open camera specs reveal
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OnePlus is one of the more impressive tech brands of today. It features smartphones that are pleasing to the user. The user interface of these smartphones is what attracts the users the most. They find the display beautiful and the functions of the phone quite sophisticated. When the OnePlus 3T first came out, it caused quite a wave of admiration. People were storming the stores to buy it!

Now, it seems that a new OnePlus phone is about to be released soon. It has been announced as OnePlus Open and it has impressive specifications. However, there were still a lot of details that were being kept under wraps. In recent news, it seems that the specs of the OnePlus Open camera have been leaked! The camera is one of the best things about a OnePlus phone and we would love to see the details.

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OnePlus and the Leak

According to the report that was leaked, the OnePlus Open camera is highly impressive. The OnePlus Open is going to be a foldable phone, much like others you have seen. However, what is impressive is the pixel quality and the resolution of the camera. The report states that the foldable phone is going to be fitted with a 48MP main camera. However, alongside it is going to be a 64MP 3X optical zoom periscope camera. Now that sounds like quite a mouthful, but it is impressive.

Not only this but there could be a third rear camera for the ultra-wide angle. Additionally, the same tip says that the phone will have 2K resolution, a 120Hz screen, and a relatively high brightness. All of these add up to a robust smartphone that is going to shock the market when it’s released.

Smartphone of OnePlus Open
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Hoping for a Tech Marvel

From what the reports have suggested, we can expect the OnePlus Open to be a smartphone worthy of competition. It can certainly go against other giants in the field and can hold its own well. The smartphone is also expected to have 100W wired charging and a new gold color that has not been seen on the phone before. A new color could mean even more customers.

The OnePlus Open is expected to be launched on October 19th so we have yet to see these details being confirmed. However, it certainly looks promising.

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