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It is disheartening to see that art and culture are not given the importance they deserve in Pakistan. This is not just because art is a beautiful form of expression, but also because it is a powerful tool for safeguarding our society and culture. Let’s take a closer look at why neglecting arts can be so damaging.

Understanding The Lack Of Priority Given To Arts

It is important to first understand why art is neglected in Pakistan. There are several reasons for this, but the most significant one is the lack of priority given to arts by the government and the general public. In a society where education and getting ahead in life are considered more important, the arts are often seen as a luxury that can be afforded once other priorities have been taken care of.

This lack of priority has led to a decline in the arts sector in Pakistan. The shortage of funds adds to the dilemma which means that artists struggle to make a living from their work. There are also few opportunities for artists to showcase their work, which means that their talents often go unrecognized. And finally, there is a lack of appreciation for the arts among the general public, which means that people are not interested in investing in them.

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Impact Of Neglect On Arts

Art and culture are an integral part of any society. They reflect the values and aspirations of a people. When these are sidelined or ignored, it sends a message that they are not important. This has been the case with arts in Pakistan.

The lack of government support and funding has led to a decline in the quality and quantity of arts being produced. There is also a lack of infrastructure, which hampers artistic expression. Young artists find it difficult to pursue a career in the arts, as there is no infrastructure or system to support them. This lack of support has had a negative impact on Pakistani society as a whole. The Arts are an important means of expression, and when they are sidelined or ignored, it surely doesn’t put the cultural values at the forefront which can result in cultural heritage going afloat.

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The discussion around arts not only makes us appreciate its importance but also helps to shape opinions and conversations about it. Such conversations are significant because they create a space for dialog which allows us to confront topics that might not have been addressed earlier due to a lack of resources or an absence of public discourse. These engagements help to deepen our understanding of the art form as well as create support for marginalized communities in the process.

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