The July 2020 Vogue cover story celebrated millions of people in the UK who, at the height of the pandemic, and in the face of danger, put on their uniforms and went to work.

Regular people like such as Narguis Horsford, train driver, Olivia Marks – the midwife, and the supermarket assistant appeared on the trio of covers, photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth. This particular vogue issue wasn’t just solely heart-warming but also incredibly creative.

The masses don’t fall behind when it comes to making memes or following trending challenges online. From #DontRushChallenge to #FlipTheSwitch – we’ve mastered it all.

In the past few days, the Vogue Challenge became a trend for BIPOC creators to showcase their talents. By participating in the direction, Twitter users took the Vogue logo and recreated their Vogue cover, an opportunity that has been historically and intentionally excluded from people of color.

Countless examples showcase excellence and talent, but here we have rounded up 10 of our favorite posts as shared in the Vogue Challenge hashtag:

1. This cover is a blend of a brown girl and a sass!

2. A little bit of hijabi and a hint of plain fashionista

3. Take notes, ladies; this might come in handy for future references! 

4. This takes the cake. We’re looking at some color-coordinated picture which is spot on. 

5. How on earth is this not an actual Vogue cover? It certainly has all the qualities

6. This is another hijabi Vogue cover which is fly.

7. We love the two covers which are poles apart and yet so eye-catching 

8. We don’t know about Vogue, but he can give modeling a shot for sure

9. This little girl certainly knows how to take your breath away at a first glimpse!

10. If eye-candy had a face, this is what it might look like 

So have you attempted the #VogueChallenge? Do share your pictures with us, and don’t forget – we’re all trying our best to stay positive during these difficult times.