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The latest powerhouses from the tech giant Apple, the iPhone 15 series, have received praise for their outstanding design, performance, and photographic capabilities. However, the longevity and battery life of the new iPhone are an additional feature that deserves attention. Apple claims that the iPhone 15 models have longer-lasting batteries than its predecessors and can hold onto a larger percentage of their initial capacity even after several cycles of charging.

Iphone 15 Series
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What’s Their Claim And How Did They Prove It?

Apple has acknowledged that there are noticeable gains in terms of battery life with the all new iPhone 15 series. While Apple has not made any considerable change to the battery size from the previous iterations of the iPhone, the previous models (iPhone 14 series) were able to retain 80% of their battery capacity at 500 charges. While the newly updated support page clearly states:

Batteries of iPhone 15 models are designed to retain 80 percent of their original capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles under ideal conditions.*

This, however, depends upon the daily usage of the device and how frequently they are charged. Apple has also explained how charge cycles work, stating that one charge cycle is completed when you have utilized the amount that represents 100% of your battery’s capacity. To help you understand this better, imagine using your phone for 60% and then recharging it at night then, the following day, you use 40% of your battery, which ultimately completes one whole charge cycle. Apple recently performed and confirmed all of this testing, and they believe they might retest the iPhone 14 models for any more updates and reflect it on their official website/support pages.

a17 Bionic Chip
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How Did They Achieve This?

Although Apple did not disclose all of the specifics, it is probable that they employed a combination of new hardware and software technologies to extend the battery life and longevity of the iPhone 15 models. The following are a few potential reasons for the improvement:

  1. Improved Processors: The processor plays an important role in the battery life of a smartphone. The Pro models of the iPhone 15 are equipped with the latest A17 Bionic Chip, which has a 6-core CPU and GPU paired with a 20-core Neural Engine, which enables fast and smooth performance for various tasks. Keep in mind that the newer chips have also proven to be more efficient than their older counterparts, meaning the newer chips can provide more power while using less energy.
  2. Optimized Operating Software: Apple has always offered one of the smoothest user experiences to date. Continuous improvements made over the past couple of months to the iOS experience, could have undoubtedly improved the usage of the phones and made them more optimized for use in the long.

What Does It Mean For Existing Users?

Well for customers who just purchased any of the newer iPhone 15 models stand to gain greater value and happiness from their purchase due to the device’s extended longevity and battery life. They won’t have to charge their iPhone 15 as regularly or get a new battery for extended lengths of time when using it. This means you can enjoy using your favorite device for a longer period of time than you initially expected!

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