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Horse rides are a must when visiting the beach in Karachi. But it isn’t always black and white. The whole drama of negotiating with the vendors and then asking them to give you the longest ride back and forth to your destination isn’t always straightforward. The negotiating skills of Pakistanis sure work wonders, but what happens when a tourist visit the beach who has no clue?

The Tourist Scam 

Recently, Pakistan has been hosting tourists, including Luke Damant from Australia and Dale Philip from Scotland. At the same time, they have been enjoying the hospitality of Pakistanis. However, a rather traumatic incident has left them both in shock. They warn the other tourists who might be planning to visit the Karachi beach and take in all the scenic views on a horse ride.

Both Luke Damant and Dale Philip were the victims of horsemen read ‘Beach Mafia’ who tend to fool the tourists and visitors into getting a ride. However, the whole drama starts once the rider gets off the horse, and they start asking for more money claiming that they have given them the longest ride, as opposed to the one, decided beforehand so much so that both the tourists ended up feeling harassed because the horseback riders couldn’t stop chasing them for money. Both vloggers shared their respective incidents in their vlogs while asking the citizens for help.

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How Karachiites React To Their Demand?

A casual beach stroll doesn’t end up without these horse owners chasing you and sometimes forcing you to take a ride in the hope of them leaving you alone. But how many times do you actually enjoy the ride? Sometimes, you feel threatened by the weird gazes of owners, and other times, you are wondering how long before they stop?

A simple beach trip turns into a fiasco of stopping, negotiating, giving up, and complaining about the turmoil. While we sure have seen it and know how to go through it, we wonder what would’ve gone through the mind of those poor tourists who actually claimed that they felt harassed through this incident.

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Who Would Take Responsibility?

While the police caught the victims of both incidents and put them behind bars, the question is, who is responsible? Who do we ask? And who can come up with a reasonable approach to make the citizens feel safe and take appropriate measures so that they don’t end up fooling the citizens and tourists, for that matter?

The demands of these horse owners from the citizens are getting out of hand and it is time that the authorities take measures to make the experience fulfilling for both the citizens and the tourists.

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