TECNO HIOS FANS Cafe was successfully held in Lahore on Sunday with dozens of young fans, well-known mentors, industry pacesetters, and tech developers. The event was held to announce and celebrate the latest HiOS 8.0 Update in the latest Camon 18 Series.

The event was filled with fun activities. The session started with a training session by the national trainer, Arsalan Zahid, where an Introduction of HiOS Update, Utilization, and Functions were explained in detail. The participants were thoroughly communicated about the usage and importance of these new updates. Zahid said,

“This is a great initiative from TECNO and HiOS. Through the new updates, Ella, the Voice Assistant allows controlling your whole device with a single voice command. It helps you take better snaps for documents so that they come out at the right angle, and also helps users in better at Video Making. It also brings improved features such as the Always On Display and Phone Cloner.”

After that, a KOL Briefing on HiOS Updates and Experience was also conducted by one of the top Tech YouTubers – Nouman from Tech Hoz. He explained how HiOS updates will be useful for video makers, Vlogger, YouTubers, etc. These sessions followed an engaging Q&A session and distribution of Gifts among participants. The fans experienced CAMON 18 Premier’s HiOS 8.0 update and shared their remarks as below.

“I’m loving the Ella voice assistance update”, “I’m a job person and can’t check my phone every time, but HiOS 8.0 update is offering an always-on display which helps me with notification updates so I never miss out on anything”, “I love making videos. And HIOS 8.0 update has come with film making inbuilt feature.” Fans enthusiastically expressed their joy at the scene.

Moreover, a passionate Drum Circle had been arranged for the participants which hyped up the event with mystical music. The event was all filled with learning, wisdom, and then fun for the participants. A group photo was taken with the fans as a remembrance of this great event.

Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, shared his view of the event,

“This is an exclusive experience we have brought for our fans in collaboration with the HiOS team. We want the younger generation in Pakistan to better understand the technology and help them use it fruitfully. As the Camon 18 Premier comes updated with the latest HiOS 8.0, fans got a chance to use its first-hand today.”

The event ended on a warm note, rightfully achieving the objective of the gathering. Every participant was enlightened and more aware of the usefulness of the new updates.

HiOS Fans Cafe is an event that has come to stay with fans cordially. All of our fans are special to us. This event ended on a warm note, rightfully achieving the objective of the gathering. Every participant was enlightened and more aware of the new products.