Cricket is the most beloved game in Pakistan. Pakistanis are known for being the craziest fans of the game when it comes to cricket. It is the only game that brings happiness and patriotism when we talk about Pakistani cricket. 

Wasim Akram is a heartthrob and iconic cricket legend of this game. He is one of the fastest bowlers of cricket history also known as the King of Swings. With 502 One-Day International (ODI) wickets and 414 Test scalps, Akram graced the highest level with his skill and mastery for Pakistan. 

Among all the fast bowlers who love to crush the toes of the batsman. There’s one name Waqar Younis who stands tall and made the records of outswing yorker bowled. Pakistan is renowned for the hub of fast bowlers and Waqar is an aspiring pacer

Waqar Younis has given Pakistan so many victories and moments to his fans that no one can ever forget it. When he arrived, he was deadly from the beginning. Every batsman used to be scared of facing Waqar Younis’s Yorkers and they knew what’s coming for them.

Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis have been the fastest pace bowlers in the history of Pakistan Cricket. They were the most feared bowlers of their time and won over 900 ODI wickets for Pakistan across two decades, making them two of the most successful pacers ever. Since their retirement, they’ve taken on various roles such as commentators, coaches, and media personalities, leveraging the expertise and popularity they established as players.

In the past few days, some pictures were circulating on the internet which made us star-struck with most loved cricket pacers where Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis shared some pictures of them working together on something. 


Now after 26 years of them being seen together on a single screen, they have been spotted together on a set with a script in their hands that has gone viral all over social media. People are quite excited to see them working together on something after a decade. It is definitely going to be an exciting and much-awaited thing for all the fans. The news has spread like a fire over the social media about them working together on something guessing for an ad maybe. Simply thrilled and can’t wait to see what’s cooking and what’s in process. Let’s wait to see what surprise is actually coming from the 2Ws side. Fans are super excited to know about this recent collaboration.