McDonald’s is probably the most popular international fast food chain. Karachi, alone is home to 16 McDnald’s branches at different locations. One of the more running and busy branches is the Seaview branch. It is almost always full of people who come to enjoy the view, the weather, and obviously the food. Sadly, an extremely horrific accident took place last night at McDonald’s.

The manager on duty, during Sehri hours, was shot because of a small but heated argument. 32-year-old manager, Imran Ali, was shot on the foot by four men over a menial argument about their order. Fortunately, he was immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention so he was saved from any major damage. Here is a video of the manager explaining what happened.

According to the police officer on the case, a group of four suspects arrived in an SUV, at the drive-thru with the intention of ordering food. However, the restaurant staff informed them that they were no longer serving customers and were having Sehri. The police officer stated that this news enraged one of the suspects who were reportedly “intoxicated” and took out a rifle and started firing, which caused the glass doors of the restaurant, which were previously closed, to shatter. He further explained that during this time, Ali had come outside to see what had happened, but unfortunately, he was shot in the foot in this constant firing.

Ali told the police that he was on duty when he heard the sound of gunfire at the restaurant’s drive-thru window around 4:45 am. He then went outside and saw that the restaurant’s security guard was frantically gesturing him toward the man firing at the drive-thru window. He then told how he was shot in the foot as the rest of the staff present at the time tried to get to safety inside the restaurant while the suspects managed to escape. Ali was then taken to Southcity Hospital by a rider that was present there at that time.

Image Source: Yahoo News

SSP Raza said that the men who were responsible for the rampage had been identified through their vehicle’s number plate. Additionally, he added that the authorities were conducting raids to arrest them. Furthermore, the senior officer stated that the incident took place due to a heated exchange over food. He elaborated that the suspect who initiated the firing was originally from Balochistan and belonged to the Rind community. Lastly, the SSP expressed his hope that this suspect would be caught soon by the authorities.

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