ABTACH Ltd has created a buzz in the IT sector of Pakistan with its participation in the second annual Canada- Pakistan ICT Forum, Toronto held from September 24 – 27, 2018. Pakistan High Commission along with some key Parliament & Senate members of Canadian Government led the Forum.

Many delegates and tech-savvy experts enhanced the prestige of the event with their presence. It aimed to explore greater business opportunities and maximum potential from the ICT Canadian market along with strengthening business collaboration and venture investment.

ABTACH, by approaching events objective to build a developing path for cross-border corporate relationships, has proven to be not just another IT company. With the strategic and innovative leadership of its COO, Mr Salman Yousuf, ABTACH played its part to reinforce the foundations of the market far across the borders. The Forum gave an exposure to Canada’s advance tech fields like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, eServices, Machine Learning and Game Development.

Breaking new grounds, ABTACH is one of the premier IT agencies of Pakistan. In the year 2014, CEO Mr Azneem Bilwani, established the company with the goal to bring improvisation in the field of IT.

Along with opening it’s headquartered in Pakistan, it has its offices located strategically across the globe, including UAE, US, UK, and China. It delivers top-notch web & app development and design, engaging graphics designing and a one-stop comprehensive digital marketing solution.

The inspiring success the firm has earned at the moment comes from the strenuous efforts of its founders. They walked extra miles and burned the candles at both ends, finally becoming one of the major contributors to the IT exports of the country.

The uniqueness of ABTACH lies in the fact that it covers every major area of the sector from development to design, digital marketing to the world of e-commerce. With sheer determination and a firm support of Azneem Bilwani, the company marks competitive standards.

Furthermore, keeping employee satisfaction its foremost priority, it offers a successful platform for its diligent workforce to thrive. ABTACH appreciates the untiring efforts of its professionals who too feel privileged to work for such an amazing company.

We Believe in Respecting Our People’s Rights and Privacy and That Leads Us to Ensure a Win-Win Situation for Our Company and Its People. – Company’s Philosophy

ABTACH is not only contributing to accelerating the IT exports of Pakistan but with its participation in ICT forum and in the “First Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference” that took place in Beijing, it is creating possibilities to expand the industry outside the country.

The World Customs Organization and General Administration of Customs organized the conference to ponder on techniques that can drive excellence within the industry. This proved to be a turning point in the history of information technology giving our experts a productive avenue to collaborate and work with professionals around the world.

The sincerity, with which the company operates, is complemented by the brainpower of Mr Azneem Bilwani and the canny approach of Mr Salman Yousuf. ABTACH’s core values, to provide premium quality services to valued customers and forming true relationships with foreign delegates, truly depicts the hallmark of its inevitable excellence.

ABTACH Ltd.’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission Revolves Around Our Prime Focus; To Bring A Striking Digital Difference In The Tech World.

They Truly Nailed It!