November is always special for all online shopping websites and the e-commerce industry. On one hand, where worldwide events like Black Friday, Double Eleven, singles day etc. are celebrated with record-breaking numbers, Pakistan also has started celebrating its very own events like Black Friday.

Initially, the Black Friday event was not opted as much by all e-commerce players in Pakistan. But after the successful execution of TCS Yayvo Black Friday campaign in the previous year, almost all e-commerce players started following the event with an even greater speed. Some do it with the name; “White Friday”, while some call it the “Blessed Friday Campaign”.

But almost every e-commerce is now following a November sales event.
This is not the end! Even offline platforms and brands are now offering Black Friday deals.

TCS E-com has not only ignited the Black Friday campaigns but has also created plenty of other events like Ismay, Birthday Bash, 10/10 sales and many others.

Continuing this successful spree, for the first time ever, TCS Sentiments Express being the market leader in online gifting and occasion based services, is launching “Gift Back Friday”.

Gift Back Friday is the name given to acknowledge all those special people in our lives, who have given us a special identity in this world. This is the time when one can freely express their utmost sentiments to their loved ones.

Gift Back Friday is the name of an opportunity where TCS Sentiments is providing you a prospect of pre-booking whole years’ events in one go and let TCS deliver and remind you on time.

This is an event where you can avail up to 90% off.

Going with such crazy discounts, TCS aims to provide an equal opportunity for you all to surprise your loved ones.

Gift Back Friday is a day of acknowledgment, a day of appreciation and a day of spreading love and peace. It enables you with a way of Gifting back to the love of your Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers, Wife, and Husband, Friends, Family, relatives and even the ones who hate you.

Gift Back Friday is a day when distant hearts meet again when quarrels are resolved and forgiven, a celebration of upcoming events, spreading joy and removing hate. It’s a day where you think of doing something that can express how much you care for them. You just start thinking and we deliver it to you.

Gift back Friday is a day of spreading the love. No matter how far you are, you can still reach out to your family and relatives. Just place your order online at and get your sentiments delivered across the border.

So, this Gift Back Friday shop for your loved ones and avail the best opportunity that TCS Sentiments is providing you this November where you can pre-book whole years’ events and also cherish your relatives and family with up to 90% off and huge additional discounts as well.

The event is starting on 17th November.

You can also win 5 Tola GOLD. Upcoming days would unveil other great offerings that TCS sentiments have to offer on this Gift Back Friday. Stay Tuned and mark the dates.