[Lahore, Monday – July 31, 2023] – TCL, global top 2 TV brand and top 1 98-inch TV brand, reveals details of the technological advancements of its latest generation Mini LED technology, debuted in its 4K Mini LED TV – C845 – launched earlier this month in Europe and soon in more global markets. Shop Now: https://bit.ly/3NCyyWU

Compared with traditional TVs, Mini LED technology is renowned for superior display performance. With the added advantages of higher brightness, greater contrast and wider color gamut resulting in a more dynamic and immersive picture quality. The latest generation of Mini LED technology rivals OLED when it comes to precise lighting control, and more comparative advantages. Mini LED TV can also be produced at a more affordable cost, making optimized picture performance more accessible.

As the first to develop and launch Mini LED TV’s, TCL has always leveraged Mini LED as its core strategy and continues to lead the industry. TCL has creatively customized and developed high-efficiency Mini LED chips and single-refraction curved surface glue dispensing technology, achieving more precise light control, more uniform surface light source, better halo control and higher light efficiency, using more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

In June 2023, TCL released the latest 4K Mini LED TV C845 in multiple sizes, raising the bar of TV picture quality among competitors in its field thanks to innovations in technology.

  • The number of LEDs reached 1792, resulting in 2000 nits’ peak brightness without incurring overheating.

TCL’s high-voltage Mini LED chip is designed to emit light in 3 PN junctions in series, with the driving voltage carefully matched so that the current passing through the LED chip falls within the optimal light efficiency range. As a result, the temperature can still be controlled, and TV set does not overheat when the LEDs are in full operation and the TV is


in its peak brightness at the same time.

  • More control over lighting effects with greater number of close to 900 zones

TCL C845 adopts “one zone with two LEDs” to achieve more precise lighting control. Even in extremely dark or over exposed scenes, bright and dark areas are more defined without

irritating halo effects, making the viewing experience far more comfortable. Moreover, the excellent lighting performance is also attributed by the advanced lenses design which allows, in the same light control area, more uniform pictures, more reliable performance when both the module and TV achieve their smallest thickness.

  • Elegant design thanks to Ultra-thin thickness of 77 mm

TCL C845 adopts a “glue dispensing process”, applying polymer material which is directly placed on the LED to form a single refraction free-form surface. The light expansion angle of the new process is higher than that of ordinary lenses, which can significantly reduce the thickness of the TV set, resulting in a sleek, aesthetically appealing design.

  • 12-bit dual-mode precise light control algorithm for increased energy saving and eye protection

Using 12-bit dual-mode drive, the LED can emit 12-bit of light and has AD and PWM dimming to realize close to linear light control precision and more accurate color presentation. Under the high dual-mode drive, the current of LED can be kept in the range of high luminous efficiency to achieve energy saving and spectral stability.

At the same time, the PWM duty cycle works in the high frequency space which can reduce the flicker effect to human eyes for better vision protection.

Thanks to its industry leading technological advancements in Mini LED, The TCL C845 excels in picture quality performance across a range of scenarios and will be rolling out to global markets in the coming months.