taqdeer drama

Taqdeer, A Plus Entertainment’s latest drama, has become the talk of the town for starring some veteran names of the industry including Moammar Rana, Jan Rambo and Sahiba Afzal in its lead.

This romantic drama, focusing on the ups and downs in a relationship is also the debut project for the rising model, Zara Ahmed.

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Taqdeer is a story of the dynamics of relationships and how a wrong decision can sometimes cost you the happiness of your life.

Moammar Rana and Sahiba Afzal as Salman and Rania, can be seen as a beloved couple. Due to some misunderstandings and horrible decisions, the ideal couple will come on the verge of splitting up but something terrible will happen that will turn their world upside down.


Many prominent names have come up to give a shout out to Zara Ahmed for her first step into this drama world including Meera Jee, Ahmed Ali Butt, and Zara Noor Abbas.


Moammar Rana

Jan Rambo

Sahiba Afzal

Zara Ahmed

Sofia Mirza

Hanan Sameed

Sameer Khan



Malik Khuda Baksh


Jan Rambo


Sahiba Afzal


Every Monday (Started from 5th November 2018)


9:00 P.M.



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