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Have you ever been caught talking in your sleep and later told about it? When people who do sleep talking and are told about it, they are not able to believe it, but that’s because they haven’t witnessed it themselves. It’s kind of like being told that they snore. They find it embarrassing. Although they really shouldn’t because it’s a type of disorder. So let’s look at some lesser-known facts about it, shall we?

1. It is a disorder

The technical name of the sleep disorder which makes you talk while you are sleeping is called somniloquy, and it is genetic. So that means if you have it, someone passed it along to you, most probably.

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2. Understandable? This sleep talk?

Another very interesting fact is that if you sleep talk and someone sleeps with you, they will be able to understand what you are saying if you are saying it in the REM part of the sleep. If your sleep talk happens at other times, that is at NREM 2 or 3; they will only hear gibberish.

3. Who is more like to talk during sleep?

Another lesser-known fact about sleep talking is that if you are a woman, you are less likely to have it. This is so because men and children are more susceptible to it. Moreover, the children grow out of it as they grow older, very few retain it.

4. The causes!

But what can lead to sleep talking? Some people make up their own analysis. For instance, you will find someone saying that whenever they are fatigued, that’s when they sleep talk. But really, the most common causes are more detailed than that. They include stress, fever, depression, anxiety, drugs, and sleep deprivation.

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5. How bad is it?

Usually, sleep talk is over in 30 seconds, and it is not dangerous (well, that is, if you did not let on any important secret). It’s only bad if this starts after 25 years of age because that means you are suffering from another medical issue. Now, this could either be biological, which it usually is, or it could be psychological as well. So if any emotional trauma is stirred up, the body could react by making you talk in your sleep.

These are a few facts that you might not have known about sleep talking.

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