Takaful Pakistan Limited, the largest dedicated general takaful operator in the country, unveiled its new brand image of “Salaam Takaful Limited”. To commemorate the commencement of this new name, a grand launch event took place in Karachi on Friday, 26th February 2021. With the top brass of the financial industry and leading corporations, Shariah scholars and media personnel, the company’s stakeholders were also in attendance.

Dr. Ishrat Husain, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Institutional Reforms and Austerity of Pakistan, was the chief guest and in his speech, he gave an insight on the current national economic landscape. Dr. Isharat Husain further continued by applauding the progress that the Islamic financial sector has made over the years. He further congratulated Salaam Takaful Limited on their achievements and extended his best wishes for the company. He was of the view that Salaam Takaful Limited has the potential and opportunity to become a global player in the Islamic insurance segment and will play its role in the propagation of Islamic insurance products both nationally and globally.

During the event, Mr. Rizwan Hussain, CEO & Managing Director, Salaam Takaful Limited (Formerly Takaful Pakistan Limited), elaborated on the journey of the company post its acquisition by the new management in 2018. He showcased the company’s achievements and growth and explained his vision with regards to the new identity of Salaam Takaful Limited. While addressing the audience he stated: “Salaam Takaful Limited is the result of our evolution into a better enterprise with a strong resolve to be the leading takaful solutions provider in the global arena, a shining star of Pakistan. With our unprecedented growth, strides towards digitization, innovative solutions and customer-centricity, we will become an exemplary entity for future generations, In’sha’Allah.”

Respectable Mr. Anwar Maqsood, delighted the audience with a small skit that made the event memorable for the participants. He shared a few words on the event and congratulated Salaam Takaful Limited on their ascent as the largest dedicated Takaful operator in Pakistan.