Tabish Hashmi and his wife Hira Khalid are not your common arranged marriage couple. TV personality, Tabish Hashmi, did not go over to her house, and she did not bring in tea. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t cousins either. The couple explains their love story with a comedic twist on an ARY segment. Their parents fell in love with each other before they did, as suggested by them.

Hira and Tabish have been married for 12 years, and are parents to two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter. ARY featured their interview on their new Ramadan series ” Shaan e Suhor” hosted by Nida Yasir.

Have a look at their interview:

How Tabish Hashmi and Hira Met

Tabish’s Father and Grandfather were childhood best friends. According to the couple, they were inseparable in college. Coincidentally they ran into each other at a wedding, years later. And just like two young boys in the college that they used to be, they hugged each other and laughed the night away. 

Tabish Hasmi in New York with his family

In an interview with ARY Digital TV, Hira explains that long after this, Tabish’s sister had flown to Pakistan. It was in the month of Ramadan when Tabish’s family decided to visit Hira’s house for old times’ sake. She was just on her way out, dressed in her trendy clothes and her hair done, when her mother requested she greet them. Funnily enough at the time she insisted she was late and had to go. 

Clearly, mother knows best because the moment she walked in it was reported by Hira’s brother that Hashmi immediately nudged his mom to take notice. Tabish claims it was just an accident that his mum was asking him to behave and that’s all. But somehow, we have reasons to believe it was love at first site.

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