India has secured their spot in the Super 8 of the T20 World Cup 2024 after a thrilling win against the USA on June 12. But guess what?

The standings in Group A are still up in the air. Regardless of whether Rohit Sharma’s boys finish first or second, they will still be considered the top team of the group. Confused? Let’s break it down.

How the Seedings Work

The International Cricket Council (ICC) grouped teams into four groups of five for Round 1 based on their rankings. These seedings will stay the same for the Super 8, ensuring the schedule remains mostly unchanged even if a team performs poorly.

Super 8 Group Structure

The Super Eight stage will feature two groups, each consisting of four teams. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals. Here’s the setup:

  • Group One: The top team from Group A (A1), the top team from Group C (C1), the second-placed team from Group B (B2), and the second-placed team from Group D (D2).
  • Group Two: The top team from Group B (B1), the top team from Group D (D1), the second-placed team from Group A (A2), and the second-placed team from Group C (C2).

Why India Stays on Top

In previous editions, teams’ positions in the first round determined their opponents in the second round. This year, however, the ICC has already set the fixtures for the Super Eight stage, regardless of the first round’s outcomes. For example, even if Pakistan finishes as the top team in Group A and India finishes second, India will still go through as A1 and Pakistan as A2.

Well, realistically Pakistan cannot top the group but the USA can. How?

Pakistan currently have two points while India have six, with both have one more game to go. If Pakistan wins their last match against Ireland, they will remain second with fewer points than India. However, if the USA wins their next game and India loses theirs, the USA could top the group. However, as mentioned, India will still remain A1.

Potential Super Eight Lineup

If West Indies and Afghanistan advance from Group C, with West Indies topping the table, they will not necessarily finish as C1. If a higher-seeded team exits early, the replacement team adopts their schedule in the Super Eight. Consequently, Afghanistan would replace New Zealand as C1. Other groups could see similar scenarios.

As of June 13, the Super Eight groups are likely to be:

  • Group One: India, Australia, Afghanistan (replacing New Zealand), and Bangladesh.
  • Group Two: USA (potentially over Pakistan and Ireland), Scotland or England, West Indies, and South Africa.

In the first four editions of the T20 World Cup (2007, 2009, 2010, and 2012), the ICC determined the seedings for the Super Eight groups prior to the tournament. This precedent continues in 2024, maintaining the planned schedule.

The Super Eight will start on June 19, with the semi-finals scheduled for June 27, just two days before the final. It’s going to be an exciting run, so buckle up!

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