Wednesday, July 7, 2021 – System Limited, Pakistan’s pioneering global technology services, and solutions company, revamped its creative workspace. Now introducing it as Studio 77, Systems Limited aims to break from the conventional work settings and contemporary approach to design and cultivate a culture of creativity with no restraints and human-centrism being at the core of every project.

Systems organized a physical event to celebrate this reimagined approach to design at its Lahore campus. Eminent figures from the IT industry of Pakistan, the design and art guild, and academia attended this event. The event was organized at Studio 77, with COVID-19 SOPs in place.

Asif Akram, COO of Systems Limited, welcomed the respectable guests and attendees and highlighted the concept behind Studio 77. “With Studio 77, we aim to introduce a creative atmosphere where our driven and motivated team has the right tools and technology at its disposal to bring its breakthrough ideas to fruition. What you see today is the result of multiple brainstorming sessions, meticulous planning, and tireless commitment by our team to make sure that every nook and corner of Studio 77 screams innovation and creativity – something that Systems has become synonymous with,” he said.

While explaining Studio 77’s revamped approach to design, Khurram Safdar, Head of Customer Experience and Design at Systems Limited, commented, “The two driving forces behind Studio 77 are digitization and human-centrism. Digitization in today’s world is happening at a fast pace, and we need to embrace it. And we need to work together and use all the technological innovations at our disposal to deliver human-centered experiences to our clients. It is a space where we make impactful decisions while keeping humans at the center of everything we create. With Studio 77, we’re bringing our creative ethos of collaborative ideation, constant innovation, and rapid implementation to the world.”

Esteemed guests complimented how Systems Limited has used a modular design approach to bridge the gap between the traditional office space and best-in-class technology to support the multiple phases of the creative and design process.

While highlighting the importance of a user-driven perspective, Badar Khushnood, co-founder of Bramerz and Fishry, added, “I think putting that proper structure where larger problems are broken down into smaller challenges and then solving them one by one is critically important. Thank you, Systems, for bringing this approach to life. I believe every software company and tech startup should start leveraging this approach so that we don’t just think of making mobile apps, (but rather) shift our mindset towards solving problems.”

Systems Limited is a trend-setter and believes in constant innovation and always looks for a way to keep the spark of creativity and innovation lit and bright in its employees. Studio 77 is a creative space where employees come first, and they free to dive into their creative streams to simplify and humanize technology to solve challenges that are thrown their way.

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