The recent technological shift urged businesses to capture digital transformation’s value. The business community is fated to adopt the perks of digitalization sooner or later.

Systems Limited, a global technology services provider, collaborated with IBM to host Transcend 2022, at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi, to introduce the promising implications of digital transformation in today’s world to the business landscape in Pakistan.

It was attended by prominent executives from banking, retail, and other verticals, along with the IT experts of IBM and Systems Limited. The focal discussion was how technologies around Cloud, AI and Security are integral for organizations to adapt and flourish in this era.

Javeria Fahad, Head of Marketing at Systems Limited, instigated the event with a welcome note to the guests. She highlighted the prolific collaboration of Systems Limited and IBM in enabling the business landscape of Pakistan with innovative digital solutions and emphasized digital transformation as a need of the hour for the Pakistani business community.

While discussing the significance of digital enterprise solutions in his keynote speech, Muhammad Mairaj, Head of Business Development and Partner Ecosystems at Systems Limited, remarked, “Organizations that change their business models according to new challenges and requirements, only they can survive in this highly competitive arena.” He further encouraged the business leaders at the event towards the adoption of digital business technologies to remain updated with the market trends.

To weigh in on IBM’s digital business technologies, keynote speaker Faisal Sajjad, a distinguished Partner Technical Specialist at IBM, highlighted IBM Cloud Pak and suggested the organizations switch to these solutions to amplify the performance of their competencies. “Be it any organizational competency, IBM has tailored state-of-the-art IBM Cloud Pak AI-powered and scalable solution suite to enable organizations to achieve ever-needed agility. It is high time to harness the power of IBM Cloud Pak,” the keynote speaker added.

Sohail Chaudhry, Head of Data Sciences at Systems Limited, talked about how AI will change the way we work and brought forward the practical implications as well as the benefits of data-driven insights for businesses. He said, “Without going towards the complexity of algorithms, IBM has simplified the user experiences through its digital solutions.” The speaker extended his insights on ecosystems of data analytics and AI, capabilities of IBM’s Data & AI suite, and how such solutions can enhance user experiences.

Building on Sohail’s views, Muhammad Arslan Mughal, VP of Infrastructure Services at Systems Limited, discussed cloud modernization and the vitality of data-driven business practices. He remarked, “There is a lot of power in data.”

While sharing his views on the prominence of user experiences for businesses, he added, “Data-driven approaches are more innovative than conventional practices as they provide you with insights that bring you closer to your user.”

Faraz Rafique, Vice President of Infosec at Systems Limited, brought forward IBM Security as X-Force and the Zero Trust Security approach, which safeguards businesses from cyber threats of any sort. About IBM’s digital security solutions, the speaker highlighted, “When you’re talking about security and the technology to be used for that purpose, the most important part is intelligence.” He also mentioned, “IBM’s X-Force Security Pak has identified and encountered 84,000 cyber security threats,” while talking about the proficiency of IBM’s cyber security solutions.

The speakers entertained the queries from the audience in a highly insightful Q&A and networking session.

Events like these are indicative of Systems Limited’s resolve to empower enterprises to adopt and reinvest in innovative technology more frequently with the help of its strategic technology partners. As IBM Platinum Business Partner, Systems Limited combines its cloud expertise with IBM’s cutting-edge technologies to help reduce time to market and build richer customer experiences. Get in touch to learn more.