syra yousuf instagram inspiration
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Syra Yousuf keeps showing us how she is the epitome of grace and we couldn’t admire her more.

Mid-week Inspiration

To help everyone power through these tough times, Syra Yousuf shared her mid-week inspiration with all. Using Instagram to communicate with her fans, she put up a quote by Carl Jung to inspire and motivate her followers. Here’s what she shared:


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Her message to all is that we are not in control of what may happen to us. What we are in control of is how we respond and react to it! 

Practising What She Preaches

You must have heard the phrase “practice what you preach” whenever anyone has a lesson to give. Even if haters come towards Yousuf with this phrase, we know she can battle it. Why? Because she thoroughly practised what she preached.


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When the entire Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal fiasco went on, Syra Yousuf maintained silence. She was spammed and provoked to say something but she never taunted her ex-husband or his actions. Instead, she showed that she will move on and focus on herself with grace, strength and sophistication.


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Something to Learn Right Now?

As we battle with the third wave, ill-health and the loss of loved ones or worry for them, this lesson is important. It teaches us that what comes our way is an uncontrollable force.

We could choose to mull over it or we could choose to confront it head-on. Mind you, this is not to glorify one approach over another. Grieving, allowing oneself to be true to their emotions is important. However, we often tend to self-victimise and see the glass half-empty.

syra yousuf instagram inspiration
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Here’s your reminder to see it as a glass-half-full or a glass refillable courtesy of Syra Yousuf!

How To Uplift Your Spirits

Here are a few ways to power through these times in an uplifting manner and emerge as only stronger and brighter! Firstly, focus on self-care. Don’t forget to take out time for yourself to do what you love. Maybe pick up a new hobby!

syra yousuf instagram inspiration
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Allow yourself to relax and let go of control a little. If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it’s that we can’t control everything. Care for people from afar but don’t feel responsible for their sickness or health.

Lastly, have small goals. Making small goals and achieving them really can change how you feel about your failures and yourself a lot. Begin today for a better tomorrow!

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