Syra Shahroz
Image Source: Instagram

For seven years the couple that had reigned on all our hearts, parted ways amidst much drama last year. Separated in 2019, Shahroz Sabzwari & Syra Yousuf got officially divorced in the year 2020. Syra, Shahroz, and Sadaf Kanwal were the highlight of the love triangle that the Pakistani audience had formed even though Shahroz had denied all such allegations.

Syra – Shahroz

People were assuming that it was because of Sadaf that Shahroz left Syra. But whatever became the reason, they did get divorced. And while they still need to maintain contact because they have a child together, meeting outside of that context must be awkward. Turns out, you need to swallow the awkwardness if you work in the same industry.

Agar Magar

In the year 2018, Syra and Shahroz were part of a movie titled Agar Magar but that had not gotten released. It was worked on until 2019 but then the production was halted. After that, Syra must have applied for khula, and meeting up then would have been something for which awkward would be a vast understatement.

But a year after the divorce, when the issue has subsided a little in people’s minds, the production for the film has resumed. Shahroz has stated that only a song is left for which they will shoot together.

The questions that remain are will the awkwardness be visible on-screen, and will Sadaf, his new wife, have issues with the work arrangement. We will have to wait and see!

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