Syngenta Pakistan Limited, a globally leading agriculture company, specializing in crop protection, biologicals, seeds and crop enhancement products, has partnered up with Salaam Takaful Limited to safeguard the farmers against the impacts of climate change through a weather and parametric index based crop insurance program as Syngenta envisions to empower the farmers by creating an ecosystem that addresses all of their pain points. This strategic partnership is in line with Syngenta Pakistan’s farmer-centric vision: “One Team, One Dream, Farmer Future” to transform the farmer-community’s quality of life and to catalyze the progress on making Pakistan’s agriculture sector more robust and climate resilient..

The General Manager of Syngenta Pakistan – Zeeshan Haseeb Baig addressed the signing ceremony of this strategic corporate alliance and stated that: “It is a great opportunity for both Syngenta and Salaam Takaful to create a positive impact for the farming community of Pakistan. Both partners aim to empower the farmers to combat climate-change and create a better future. So, the farmers will soon be able to reap the benefits of this initiative, elevate their quality of life and protect themselves against crop losses due to climate change.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Salaam Takaful – Rizwan Hussain said that: “We are delighted to have partnered with Syngenta Pakistan, to pursue our common goal to make our farmers resilient to Climate-Change. This effort will enrich their lives by securing their crops and against the weather-based calamities. It will also enable the rural communities to achieve more productivity and sustainability, with limited agricultural resources.”