The pandemic came like an unseen bombshell that introduced us to a new normal. Just like commercial businesses, industries, and the services industry was hit by COVID-19, similarly, the advertising world bared major setbacks too. The communication had come to a halt, materializing ideas became a challenge, and the growing uncertainty between agencies and brands was rampant.

Adjusting to this new normal was not an easy task for an industry that thrives on communication and human interaction. As agencies and brands embraced the new way of working, they started to route their communication through the digital medium. The level of productivity may not have decreased, but making things work was difficult enough and a challenge in itself. However, with diligence, hard work, patience, and persistence the advertising and marketing sector carved its way through those difficult times that still do continue to haunt us but have not stopped us from being resilient.

Synergyzer talks to professionals, experts, and thinking tanks of the advertising, marketing, and media industry in the Annual 2021 edition to get an overview after observing the huge changes, challenges, and impediments faced by the industry and its individuals.

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