It is ironic how time and advertising have one thing in common- change, it’s a constant in both!

Synergy Group, an affiliate of Dentsu Aegis Network, decided to bring about an innovative and inspiring breeze in the cultural capital of Lahore.

Located in Gulberg, the main hub of Lahore, the office is situated on the 5th Floor of M.M Towers.

Synergy Group Dentsu Aegis Network

As soon as the elevator door opens, its as if you’ve levitated out of the city and have been transported into a whole new world of creativity!

A grand inauguration ceremony of the office took place last week with key personnel from Synergy Group Karachi in attendance, embarking a new journey for the Synergy Family.

Synergy Group Dentsu Aegis Network
Right to Left: Ahmed Kapadia (Managing Director Synergy Group), Faheem Ahmed (COO Syntax Communications), Hassan Abbas (COO Synergy Dentsu), Ali Mandviwalla (Managing Partner Synergy Group).

The new office has been designed with the theme “Art in Action”, with each room distinctively designed according to its own personality.  The new and improved design represents the key attributes associated with the particular department leaving the spectator in awe with the energy the new environment radiates.

The reception is warmly welcoming to visitors and exudes an affable, vibrant feel! As soon as you enter you get caught up in a contemporary progressive advertising experience!

The Client Servicing room, the Creative Room, The Design Studio, The Digital Wing, The PR Room all have their own look and feel which inspires and visually appeals.

Synergy Group Dentsu Aegis Network

The new office also offers a complete relaxation mode to its employees. With a gaming console, several guitars and a snooker table, the office surely takes care of its employees and has the arrangements to unblock the creative block!

You would be amazed to know that there was no ‘fancy schmancy’ interior designers hired for this project. Everything from the structure to the branding has been designed by their internal team of adept and happy Syners. Now that truly is love for the organization!

One of the most interesting things about the office is the ode it pays to its seasoned employees and its previous workforce. There are two special walls themed ‘Timeless Syners’ and ‘Always in Picture’, which feature multiple employees who have played a tremendous role in Synergy Group’s heritage.

Synergy Group Dentsu Aegis Network

The new office is themed using the primary colors of the Synergy Dentsu Logo: Yellow & White, and these colors are effectively utilized on the walls. The warm colors help add value in the ambiance and inspire the Syners who work with their hearts on their sleeves.

On another note, the office has a spectacular night view!

Synergy Group welcomes positive change with arms wide open, and this new office setting only reflects the organization’s mindset along with the fact that when it comes to growth, Synergy Dentsu has taken a big leap forward. The office is literally ‘bigger & better’ and every Syner can proudly claim that they work in one of the most progressive offices in the advertising industry of Pakistan.

Everything within the wall is constructed to be ‘breaker of creative chains’. The rules of the game have remained the same at Synergy, the only thing which has changed is the battlefield!


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