Symmetry Group is a popular digital technology and experiences company based in Pakistan. It has just received the green light from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) for its Initial Public Offering (IPO). This means that Symmetry Group can now move forward with its plans to launch the IPO and offer shares to the public which is a big deal.

Symmetry Group is a big name in the digital industry, specializing in transforming marketing, sales, and other customer-focused functions for businesses. The company has now been approved for listing on the Main Board of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, clearing the path for its IPO.

Image Source: IVU

The IPO will follow the “Book Building” method, where shares are allocated to investors through a fun Dutch auction. A total of 101,240,082 shares will be available, starting at a price of PKR 4.25 per share. This includes a fresh capital injection of PKR 375 million. Additionally, Symmetry Group’s sponsors, Sarocsh Ahmed and Adil Ahmed will offer shares worth PKR 55 million.


Sarocsh Ahmed, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Symmetry Group, expressed his excitement about this milestone. He highlighted the company’s commitment to transforming businesses through innovative digital experiences and its dedication to delivering exceptional results for customers. The IPO will provide Symmetry Group with the financial boost needed to develop cutting-edge products and intellectual properties, driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Image Source: Pakistan Observer

Symmetry Group recently announced its new Board of Directors, led by Chairman Zaheer Hussain Dhodia. The board consists of highly respected professionals from the corporate sector, including Musharaf Hai, Muhammad Najeeb Agrawalla, Jibran Jamshad, Syed Asim Zafar, Adil Ahmed (Executive Director & Co-Founder), and Sarocsh Ahmed (CEO and Co-Founder). With the approval for its IPO and a strong leadership team in place, Symmetry Group is all set to embark on an exciting new chapter of growth and innovation.

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