swat flood 2020
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It has been one week since the weather system had hit Karachi, resulting in heavy showers. Overnight, the metropolis changed from being titled ‘The City of Lights’ to ‘The City of Darkness and Endless Rainwater and Misery.’

Not only did several hundred find themselves stranded neck-deep in rainwater, but massive damage was also done to their properties, assets, and the water swept away many lives with it.

The unfortunate residents of Khyali, Charsadda, have also found themselves in a similar situation as heavy rain has resulted in the overflowing of River Swat, leading to massive flooding, endangering the residents.

Back in 2010, a flood torrent with 90,000 cusecs of water had caused widespread damage in Charsadda, causing massive loss of agriculture and properties. Since then, a protective barrier measuring 134 kilometers was built along the riverbank to protect the area.

The embankment can tolerate flood torrent with 180,000 cusecs of water without causing floods in River Swat.

River Swat Flooding 2020

On the other hand, an Irrigation Department official shared that the link bridge at Khyali was closed to traffic as a precautionary measure.

As a result, the traffic flow on the Peshawar-Charsadda road was disturbed, but the motorway was kept open for passing traffic. Furthermore, the official shared that asides Khyali, the Swat River was in high flood at Bahrain, Madyan, and Panjgora.

The flooding excessive has resulted in crop-damages in Tangi, Shabqadar, and Charsadda. The local district administration was put on high-alert in case if the situation were to turn ugly and the worst had to come.

Bajaur, Fayyaz Khan Sherpao, Deputy Commissioner Khar has also directed all personals in all relative government departments to take all precautionary methods required to prepare for flood-related emergencies.

All the government departments must be prepared for any emergency situation being created by the possible flooding to minimize losses and damage to infrastructures in the district, -communique issued by the deputy commissioner.

Social Media Reacts To River Swat Flooding

The residents of Swat shared their two-cents on social media and revealed their true feelings during the crisis.

We pray that these har times pass soon as Pakistan weeps for these natural disasters to come to an end.

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