Surgeon punches patient during procedure
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Can you imagine a video of a doctor punching a patient going viral? Yes, because that is exactly what has recently happened in one of hospitals in China. Healthcare professionals are expected to keep an air of professionalism in their work as well, and violence in any form is never supported. It is important to hear the entire story, though, but punching the patient seems like quite drastic action. In the video going viral, a surgeon punched a patient straight up!

Yes, in a Chinese hospital, an 82-year-old woman underwent eye surgery, where the surgeon reportedly punched her head multiple times, a disturbing incident caught on surveillance in 2019. Hitting someone is considered quite an unethical and wrong measure, and to hit a patient is even more wrong. The person is coming to you for a cure for their ailment and they are being met with violence.

Surgeons Or Boxers

The patient, under local anesthesia, spoke a local dialect and struggled to comprehend the surgeon’s warnings in Mandarin, leading to her moving her head and eyeballs during the procedure. Thus, it can be considered as a case of miscommunication because the patient themselves were confused. Hospital authorities explained that the surgeon’s actions were a response to the patient’s attempt to touch her eyes, which could have resulted in infection in the sterile surgical area.

However, that still does not give the Surgeon the permission to act violently, it could have been met with a more subtle response, a less violent response. The patient is not only going through sickness but they are also quite elderly, which makes this action all the more wrong on every level.

doctor and punching a patient
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Healthcare Professionals In Training

The hospital issued a public apology to the elderly woman and provided compensation of 500 Yuan (₹5,800), acknowledging the surgeon’s rough treatment during the emergency. Despite the incident going viral on Chinese social media, the patient’s son asserted that there are no medical reports establishing a connection between the assault and his mother’s reported blindness in the left eye.

How can people trust healthcare professionals to not do this after such an act? One can only hope that you raise a hand to scratch and itch and not get smacked across the face for doing so.

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