Have you ever noticed which color we first witness when we step out to start our day? It is indeed glorious Gold, which accompanies us the instant we open our eyes in the morning. The majestic sun continues to shine on the world with multiple variants of Gold across the day. Hence this color becomes our hope to move forward and our guidance to success.

As the sun is about to set, its soothing shades of Gold invite us to gather, talk with each other and relax while the world is painted with variants of Gold.

Not only this but all of our significant successes and accolades are embodied in beautiful shades of Gold.

Take a look around as we are surrounded by examples in our daily lives that highlight the significance of this Gold color. Just think for a moment; we pick this color whenever we want to celebrate a happy journey and new beginnings in life. It is also a symbol of love when we first express our feelings to a beloved and encapsulates the emotions of elderlies in the form of beautiful jewelry.

Even as a kid, when we won our first award to the moment our name was inked on the more significant medals, this Gold color has been a mark of glory every time.

Imagine having this color always near you while you strive for success. Sounds good right? Without having to worry about letting go of these comforting colors, Infinix NOTE 30 Pro allows you to keep them closer right in the palm of your hand. The smartphone’s Sunset Gold color serves as a symbol of optimism, success, and uniqueness.

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro perfectly embodies the true essence of this color as each variant of shade pops the rays of enlightenment, compassion, and glory.

It’s incredible how all the colors of nature perfectly fall onto the phone and disperse right in the palm of one’s hand.

On the other side, Infinix NOTE 30 has a sunset gold fine leather finish that is exceptionally standalone and premium.

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro features a 68W All-Round Fast Charge technology along with a 15W wireless charger whereas Infinix NOTE 30 features a 45W All-Round Fast Charger. Not only that, the smartphone inherits a state-of-the-art sound system designed in partnership with JBL.

Infinix offers the NOTE 30 Pro series beyond this color palate as well such as in Obsidian Black, for users who prefer using basic colored phones.

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