Suno Chanda Season 2

Many Pakistanis are now left heartbroken as one of the most popular TV serials of this season Suno Chanda has come to its end.

The unconventional love story of Jiya and Arsal has arguably stolen millions of hearts nationwide.

From its first episode, when they were fighting like enemies till the last episode where they got hitched in the cutest way ever, each and every moment was aww-dorable!

However, they left us craving for more and people have now been requesting for its second season.

Suno Chanda: Arsal and Jiya’s Chemistry is Winning Everyone’s Heart!

Since we were binge-watching this serial already, Farhan Saeed has given us the hint of Suno Chanda Season 2 and we are almost jumping on our seats now.

He took to his Instagram account to share the picture of him with Iqra Aziz with the hint that left us all curious to confirm the news.

His caption writes:

Happily Ever After? Or No?

Thank you for all the love and attention from all over! It was a beautiful journey and you guys made it even special!

While we were still not over with post yet, Iqra Aziz gave another hint for season 2 and it almost confirmed this big news.

She also shared the picture of her with Farhan with caption:

Peace forever or more wars to fight⁉
Thank you so much to everyone who has made us part of their families too.


This probably means we are going to see these lovebirds altogether again but with a different relationship. Will they be all sweet together with each other or fight like they used to do?

We just cannot wait anymore to watch the second season.

Are you excited to watch Suno Chanda Season 2? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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