Pakistani model and actor Sunita Marshall’s interfaith marriage to Hassan Ahmed has always been a subject of fascination for the Pakistani audience.

In a recent interview on Momin Saqib’s show “Had Kar Di,” Sunita provided more details into their height of trust in each other as the audience inquired if she had ever imposed any restrictions on her husband working with a particular actress.

Sunita Marshall’s response was filled with mutual trust and respect as she firmly denied ever restricting her husband,

emphasizing that since he never restricted her from working with male actors, there was no reason for her to trouble him in the same manner.

She underscored that it shouldn’t be a problem at all since it’s just a professional aspect of their lives.

Delving further into the discussion, the host inquired if it ever bothered Sunita to see her husband in romantic drama scenes with other actresses.

“When you’re doing an intimate scene on the TV, you’re not really as romancing them,” she clarified to the audience.

She explained that these scenes are primarily scripted dialogues that actors memorize.

Momin teased her a little more, asking how she would react if she sees her husband in an intimate scene.

The host playfully teased Sunita by asking how she would react if she hypothetically saw her husband in an intimate scene. Although she stated that she doesn’t watch dramas herself, the host pressed for a response.

In good spirits, Sunita conveyed that, in such a situation, she would offer constructive feedback and critique on his acting. Her focus remained on his performance rather than any personal concerns.

Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed have been under the public eye for their interfaith marriage as they nurture a happy family of four.

On the work front, Celebrity couple Hasan Ahmed and Sunita Marshall recently shared the screens together as a couple after eight years with their portrayal as Naseer and Asma in Baby Baji. 

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