Every year in the holy month of Ramadan, viewers experience an overwhelming cascade of ads that market deals and discounts. While some brands vie hard to relentlessly advertise their promotional offers, other brands truly focus on raising the bar and reviving the spirit of Ramadan with positive messages.

A successful marketing campaign is one that is able to communicate its message in a manner that appeals to the audience and increases sales for the brand. This time around, Sufi’s Ramadan TVC has managed to grab the limelight with its emotion-evoking video.

The three-minute advertisement has caught the attention of not just the local audience but even the overseas audience with origins from Pakistan.

This TVC is bound to hit you right in the feels!

The most powerful feature of the campaign is none other than its message ‘Home is where the heart is’. The brand has communicated a strong connection with Pakistani roots, communicating that if Sufi is present in a household away from the country, you will still get the feeling of home.

Narrating the tale of a newly-wed Pakistani couple beginning their new life in Turkey, the commercial shares adorable moments between them as they celebrate love in a faraway land.

As they embark on creating a world of their own in a foreign country, the pair can’t help  being homesick and missing their loved ones at home.

However, the TVC takes an endearing turn as the husband walks the extra mile to unite his wife with her parents.

The soulful tune ‘Bismillah’ as the background score adds to the beauty of the TVC, its deep words tugging at our heartstrings.

The brand has beautifully evoked a flood of feelings and imparted positive messages by highlighting the importance of family bonding.

What’s more, the brand left no stone unturned to communicate how we should do more efforts for our loved ones in Ramadan. Nothing will earn us more blessing in this holy month than showing magnanimity towards those we really care for!

Without trying too hard to sell the product itself, Sufi used just- the- right ingredients of spirituality and love, making it a spectacular campaign and earning the brand loyalty of its consumers.