One of the industries in Pakistan that are thought to be dominated by men is the technology sector. Many women, nevertheless, desire to make a difference in the tech industry. Whilst the lack of resources for women has been a problem, certain opportunities that could change the game have emerged in recent years. Businesses are putting increasing emphasis on educating women, and some IT startups have been started by female engineers, computer scientists, or programmers.

The Google Developer Expert Program was one of the initiatives that offered excellent chances to women seeking careers in technology. People have the opportunity to learn about the developing tech disciplines and acquire useful experience in them through GDE.

The success of Pakistani Women in the GDE Programme

Pakistan became the first country in the world to produce a Google Development Expert (GDE) in machine learning, thanks to the GDE platform. Aqsa Kausar made history by becoming the first female GDE in South-East Asia and the first GDE in ML (Frontier Region). Her tale may excite a lot of young ladies, as she stated acquiring an interest in Machine Learning during her school days.

The road taken by Aqsa was comparable to that of other women who desire to work in technology. Due to a lack of mentoring and insufficient learning materials, she faced a significant obstacle. But her desire to succeed in the tech industry drove her to continue studying and doing research. Aqsa has now worked on various projects connected to augmented reality, object identification, and recommendation systems. She has also given her expertise in Singapore, the Philippines, and other SEA nations. She was a three-time mentor at Google’s Women Development Academy.

Similar to Sakina Abbas, who co-founded ReacTree through GDE and advanced her tech career. Another name to add to the list is Mariam Aslam, who became the First Female GDE in Pakistan in the Firebase category. Taley’a Mirza became the first female Google Development Expert in web technologies.

One can conclude that there are a huge number of chances for Pakistani women in the technology sector based on the success of these few examples. More young women should act now and make use of the tools Google provides, such as GDE and other programs.

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