Bagallery was founded in 2017 with the vision to be the preferred fashion, beauty, and lifestyle shopping destination for women and men alike. The company has immense success with one of the best influencer networks in Pakistan and a very strong mix of the local and international brand portfolio.

Today, Bagallery is an emerging e-commerce platform with 2.7 million users and 500,000+ satisfied customers.  It is not an overnight success, a lot of struggle went into the platform for it to reach this stage. It all started with Mina clicking pictures of products from her phone and uploading them on Facebook. Mina was passionate about bags and makeup and used her passion to convert it into a career when she noticed a gap in the Pakistani market for branded products and used that opportunity to bridge the gap by selling authentic branded products in Pakistan sourced from UAE where she lives.

Later on, as the demand increased, Salman Sattar joined hands with Mina to help grow the platform. He was working as Director of Sales at Frieslandcampina Middle East at the time. Salman brought 15 years of his experience in the industry to this start-up, resulting in a change in the beauty and fashion industry and taking Bagallery up a notch.

Eventually, the business started to expand and it was next to impossible for Mina along with her husband, Salman, to manage it all on their own. They decided to expand and got onboard young talent to manage the business here in Pakistan, at the same time came into existence.

The start of the website came with a lot of technical difficulties especially due to the influx of orders they were receiving. Another challenge was the lack of funds to invest in a high-end website that is able to meet the needs of the customers. Mina and Salman took one step at a time to develop the website and their business. Fast forward to 2021 and after a lot of struggles and hard work later they were able to secure a funding of USD 4.5 million which changed the course of action. They have been able to invest in the betterment of the website alongside a team of young and highly motivated individuals who have been instrumental in the success of the company.

Bagallery has come a long way with a team of approximately 150+ individuals under the mentorship of Salman as he has been a coach for the team ever since the inception of Bagallery.

When Mina was asked about her definition of success as an individual. She said, “My definition of success is to reach out to the maximum number of women out there to guide them about real beauty and make them aware of self-care.” According to Salman, “I will consider myself truly successful when I am able to inspire other startups and motivate youngsters on their journey of becoming an entrepreneur.”

In March 2022, the co-founders along with the Bagallery team organized the first-of its-kind on-ground beauty and fashion expo, GlamFest’22 in Karachi. Over 500 brands such as Loreal, Unilever, Neutrogena, Remington, etcetera were a part of the event. The event had fashion shows, makeup masterclasses, influencer meetups, celebrity interactions, skin consultations, hairstyling, food stalls, concerts, and much more along with a smooth shopping experience. It was attended by more than 100,000 people, making this two-day event a huge success. After the success of GlamFest in Karachi, Bagallery arranged a similar exhibition in Lahore in June 2022.

As far as the platform, Bagallery is concerned, the united power of all the co-founders and the team is the reason behind the success of Bagallery and it does not stop here. They are constantly looking to reach new milestones by employing new strategies and continue to stay as the leader in the beauty and fashion industry of Pakistan.


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