student protest
Image Source: Twitter

As educational institutes were about to open on 18th January, the student took on social media to protest against on-campus exams in Pakistan. Students are developing a chaotic atmosphere on social media by demanding online exams in return for online classes.

Online Exams Are A Go Or A No Go?

The educational institutes were closed Since the Covid-19 struck Pakistan, and all the educational institutes were holding online exams during the lockdown. In November 2020, some of the schools were partially opened, which two days a week and mainly focused on taking online classes and exams.

Now the situation is different because students were briefed by their institutes and by the Government that final exams will be taken online. However, the central Government has opened educational institutes from 18th January and proposing on-campus exams instead of online exams.

Student Protest

Currently, on the morning of 20th January, a Twitter trend #OnlineExamsOrWeProtest emerged, and an excessive amount of students shared their views by thrashing the Government proposal about taking exams on-campus.

Here are some protesting tweets from the students:

Soon the students start getting the support of the Government officials, including the Minister of Education Shafqat Mehmood, Provincial Minister of Punjab for Primary & Secondary Healthcare and Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education, Yasmin Rashid, and students were happy about it.

There has been news that there have been some incidences of police brutality on the student protestors.

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