Did you know that school-going children between the ages of 3 to 12 require 1200-1600 calories a day?

Mothers are experts in almost everything. From finding lost items to making a household work smoothly; but there is one thing which all mothers definitely struggle with, fussy eaters!

One of the biggest concerns most mothers have is if her children are eating a well-balanced diet and getting the required nutrients they need.

For her, it is literally like an entire day’s workout…

Moms do everything possible to get their little ones to eat, they will:

Run around the house after the child playing hide and seek!

Run up and down, round and round…

Make cute bubbly faces… 

Only to fail!

Thankfully for struggling mothers, Morinaga Research Center Japan has created a formula that helps in filling nutritional gaps.

Made from 31 nutrients and serving 200 calories per glass, the Morinaga BF Chil School is what every mother needs to ensure their little ones are getting wholesome nutrition.

It is important to ensure that a growing child has a healthy and fulfilling diet that caters to 3 essential needs, brain development, growth, and strong immunity.

No more running, pleading, or giving up!

A Complete Solution for All Toddler Moms

Mothers who have toddlers aged 1-3 are often confused when faced with countless products to choose from.

Morinaga has a solution for this too!

Morinaga BFGROW 3 is a nutritional Growing up Formula specifically developed for children aged 1 to 3 years old with Research and Development support of Morinaga Research Center Japan.

Morinaga BFGROW 3 provides 40 essential nutrients that help in GROWTH, enhance BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and strengthen IMMUNITY of the child.

Professional Help is Just a Call Away!

First-time parents often have concerns regarding what is best in terms of diet for their children.

If you have questions and queries regarding your child’s diet and poor dietary habits you can call MORINAGA NUTRITION HELPLINE on their toll-free number: 0800-NUTRI (68874) and receive expert advice.