paaye strange food combinations
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There are some perfect food pairings like aam paratha and chai biscuit that Pakistanis love eating. However, given how obsessed with food we are, it is not logically possible for us to not have any strange food combinations we stand up for.

1. Nihari Chawal

Separately, these two foods are probably the best ones ever. But combining the two dishes can give goosebumps to most people. It is not like one of them is sweet while the other is salty and sour. But rice is supposed to be eaten as it is; or, at most, with raita. Meanwhile, it is an unsaid law that nihari has to be eaten with naan. Messing these two things can lead to chaos for sure.

strange food combinations
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2. Paaye Chawal

Have you tried paaye with chawal? There is a certain group of people who endorses eating paaye with chawal. But that means you can eat it with a spoon! This takes all the fun out of eating paaye because clearly, there will not be any more sticky hands as you eat the cuisine.

3. Pakora – Fruit chaat

Having pakora in your chaat is not unheard of or weird but only if it is chana chaat. If it is fruit chaat, however, then the matter is different. In fact, this combination might just make you puke.

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4. Egg – Ketchup

How do you eat your boiled eggs? It was unimaginable that someone could ask this question. The need however arrived when we heard that there are people who eat their boiled eggs with ketchup!

5. Kabab – Jam

Usually, shaami kababs are eaten with roti, with chawal dishes, basically anything you feel like as long as it is a savoury dish. Even if you are not eating it with the main course, you can eat it with ketchup. But imagine my disgust when an acquaintance of mine asked for apple jam with kabab. Safe to say, I never talked to them after that.

strange food combinations
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These are, for sure, some very strange food combinations but that because we haven’t yet tried them. And when we do, maybe they will align with our taste buds perfectly. But until we explore our taste in cuisines, let’s just keep this list as it is. Moreover, if you or someone else in the family loves to experiment with their foods, do let us know in the comments.

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