Amreli Steels

Industrial growth is one of the key aspects of a country’s development. However, there is a common misperception about industries such as steel manufacturing, that they are harmful to the environment.

Many organizations are doing everything they possibly can to save planet Earth.

From adopting eco-friendly processes to conducting clean-up drives, reputable companies such as Amreli Steels are taking concrete steps towards making steel-making eco-friendly.

Here are 5 eco-friendly facts about Amreli Steels:

1. Amreli Steels is one of Pakistan’s largest recyclers

Steel has remarkable properties making it easy to remove steel from waste streams. Amreli Steels takes recycling a step further and refines the metal to produce the highest quality of steel. In fact, 42% of the world’s crude steel is produced from recycled material! This makes Amreli Steels one of the largest recyclers in Pakistan.

2. The Water Used at Amreli Steels’ Plant is 100% Recycled

The production of steel requires a large quantity of water, mainly for cooling purposes. However, in a water-stressed country like Pakistan, this can be difficult to do. Amreli Steels ensures that all the water used at its plant is 100% recycled. They use a state-of-the-art treatment plant without compromising on the quality of the steel, nor depleting the water supply.

3. Amreli Steels’ Manufacturing Processes Reduce Waste

As a leading name in Pakistan, the company ensures that it makes sustainable choices every day. Amreli Steels was quick to adopt the 5th generation red ring technology at its plant, which improves product quality and yield. The improved yield means a reduction in waste.

4. The Company has taken Steps to Reduce Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

Since 1960, the amount of energy required to produce one ton of steel has been reduced by more than 60%.  Compared to other regular steel manufacturers, Amreli Steels generates less CO2 per ton of steel.

5. Air Pollution Controller Installed

There is a common misperception that steel manufacturing leads to air pollution. Without the right precautions, that would be true. Responsible companies know and understand this, which is why the Amreli Steels plant is installed with a PLC-based APC (air pollution controller). It reduces the carbon footprint by capturing fumes and dust for safe disposal, instead of releasing them in the air.