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Starbucks is that coffee brand where you can get a coffee and do anything, be it writing a script for an upcoming movie or meeting someone for a first date. I mean, going for a dinner date is just too forward, don’t you think? So Starbuck allows you to do a lot, and that is why it has become a place where people can literally spend hours and hours. Now, if you are nearby coffee, it is a given that you will buy tons of it. And with every cup, you will get a straw as well. Have you thought about the carbon footprint that would leave on the world?

Starbucks has introduced a reusable straw

So the coffee brand has introduced an accessory that looks like it is a USB, but it is not. It is a holder for a reusable straw. You fold the straw, and it fits right into the USB shaped carrier. So now, every time you order any drink, be it from Starbucks or not, you can just fish out this USB, unfold the straw and start sipping. But as our habit might dictate, do not throw it out because it costs a bit of money.

starbucks Image Source: Twitter

Reducing the carbon footprint 

Just imagine, you sit 5 hours at Starbucks. The minimum number of cups of drinks you will order is 5. And with every cup, you refuse a straw. In a month, that would mean you would be saving 150 straws to be added to the garbage dump. I mean, just imagine that if one plastic straw weighs 10 grams, you would be reducing the waste by 1.5 kg per person. And it is that waste that takes more than hundreds of years to break down. Congratulations, you just made the world slightly safer from global warming for the upcoming generation.


But let’s say you are not one to care much about global warming. You come from the ideology that you won’t be alive when the full extent of global warming hits. Even then, isn’t the idea of taking out a straw from a USB just so cool? What will be uncool, though, is the fact that every time you are done with a drink, you will have to make a quick trip to the toilet and wash it out; that is, of course, if you would not want your cool straw carrier to smell of fungi and bacteria.

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