Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar rose to fame after her starring role in Akhara. Currently, this actress is expanding her list of talents and trying to add hosting to the list. As a guest on the Ayaz Samoo’s Show, Srha has shared a very odd interaction.

Everything Srha Asghar Revealed

In the segment, she shared that as a personal preference, she likes to keep to herself on set. However, a few months ago, she was shooting a scene with an older actress, playing her mother. On the last day of shooting, the woman approached Srha and shared how fond she was of seeing her in dramas. However, what she said after was quite inappropriate. Instead of a compliment, the woman told Srha it was in her best interest to get forehead fillers.

Have a look at the interview, if you haven’t already :

Apparently Srha had too many lines. When the actress tried to confirm is Srha would get them or not and she refused, the actress said,

” Alright, I was just advising you like I would to my daughter.” Are we suggesting fillers for our kids these days? According to Srha, Yes! but only because the woman herself also had her Botox done.

After revealing this incident, Srha Asghar has brought light on an important matter. As well experienced members, actors should try to protect the new actors from pressure faced by casting directors, and fans. It makes no sense to suggest facial-altering surgeries for the sake of appearances when unspoken beauty surgeries can also affect those in the media.

Influential actresses often don’t share what they’ve had done to their faces, leaving people under the impression it’s natural, increasing unrealistic standards. Moreover, brands take advantage of such circumstances by encouraging actors to lie and suggest that it was a product that helped them achieve certain features, such as good skin texture.

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