wives of judges given treatment
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In a recent piece of news, it seems a new form of exemption has been made. The wives of serving judges are not going to go through any body searches.

wives of judges exempted from body searches
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Serving Judges And The Rule

This applies to all airports of Pakistan and it has caused quite an uproar in the community. This showcases the idea of special treatment that is being given to certain people in the country. Does this mean that they can carry anything on their person and will not be checked for it? Does this mean that unsavory items can be carried and there will be no consequences?

This notification has been issued by the Ministry of Aviation in Pakistan. According to it, serving judges and their wives, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, are exempted from body searches at all airports. The Director General of the Airport Security Force (ASF) issued the order based on directives from the aviation secretary.

airport and serving judges exemption
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Where Does This Lead?

If such a notification has been made in regards to body searches at the airport, where else can this lead to? Today, the body searches are being exempted, will there be even more special treatment tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow, we see a notification where no luggage is being checked either, in accordance to such treatment. This piece of news, while going as far back as October, caused an uproar in many people on the social media.

In other news, Chief Justice Faez Isa had also recently given back two luxury vehicles. They had directed the government to sell them and use the funds towards the enhancement of public transport. While this does showcase a step in the right direction, the presence of the body search notification seems to contradict it.

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