While trying to keep up with the fast and digitized world, we have forgotten the real meaning of joy and happiness. Sometimes, it feels like as much as we run after happiness, it runs away from us.

Looking for contentment in big achievements, we miss out on the simple joys of life. Do you remember the last time you sat down with your children? Or played a game of Snakes and Ladders with your better half?

Running in the daily grind, chasing our goals of money and fame, we hardly stop and look back at what really matters and who really matters.

Peek Freans’ Sooper has reminded us about these small yet significant joys in life through a re-positioning campaign called #SeedhiSaadiKhushi to remind us of those beautiful fragments of time that hold significant sentiments.

Sooper’s campaign #SeedhiSaadiKhushi revolves around three mind-blowing TVCs that have tugged our heartstrings and have shown that life can be made the most of even with the simplest joys which we all easily take for granted.

People cannot stop raving on social media about how the campaign has made them teary-eyed and how Sooper has outdone itself by thinking outside-the-box as a renowned biscuit brand.

Social Media Is Head Over Heels In Love With Peek Freans’ Sooper’s #SeedhiSaadiKhushi

For some, their happiness is as simple as enjoying a beautiful view.

For others, it’s their friends who may be far but aren’t forgotten.

And then there are those who just cannot get enough of Pakistan’s natural beauty.

Something as simple as watching your child grow in front of your eyes.

Sooper Pakistan Has Reminded Us What Real Yet Simple Happiness Is!

So while we are caught in the web of our fast and forward world, why not take some time out for ourselves and our loved ones?

Let’s not forget that simple things can be ‘Sooper’ powerful and sometimes that’s all we need to make a difference in our lives.