Pakistani actress Sonya Hussyn recently found herself at the centre of a social media storm after a video of her wearing a bold outfit was uploaded by Salman MUA.

The video sparked a heated debate, with many critics labelling her as “Sasti Priyanka” 

The video quickly went viral and showed Sonya Hussyn sporting a daring white bodycon dress. However, many social media users were quick to judge her, leaving harsh comments like

“Jab aisa dress phen hi lia hai tou sharma q rai ho”.

The criticism was swift and merciless, with many accusing her of imitating Western culture and abandoning traditional Pakistani values.

Despite the backlash, Sonya Hussyn reposted the video on her own social media accounts, standing firm in the face of criticism. Her bold move sparked a wider conversation about women’s choices and the double standards of societal expectations.

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