Former video jockey, and currently a renowned actress, Sonya Hussyn, made her acting debut back in 2011. She has since appeared in numerous movies and television series. Some of her projects have been with a common co-star, Sami Khan. Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi, stage name Sami Khan, is not only a respected actor but also a model.

Sonya Records Sami Khan Praying

Sonya and Sami have been working together on a series called, Pyar Kay Naghmay. The series has been airing for almost a year now and the two have been close since. Sonya Hussyn however has been in the limelight after she shared a video of Sami Khan offering prayer on set.

Here’s the video:

Sami Khan’s video was met with great applause from fans. He was greatly appreciated for staying connected to his god and maintaining regularity in his practice. People pointed out that it is often difficult to manage prayers efficiently during work, hence praise to this actor for managing.

Though many appreciated Sami Khan offering prayer, a lot began to question why he was recorded in the first place. Sonya Hussyn has been bombarded with questions wondering why she thought offering namaz, an obligatory pillar of the religion, was a big deal. It is quite the common practice here, netizens wondered. Surely she must have thought that way considering she recorded him. Another concern that arose: it was quite disrespectful to record Sami while he was praying.

Here are some comments:

Unfortunately while many questioned the video itself, netizens took this as an opportunity to obliterate Sonya, and pin point why she herself was not praying as well.

Neither actor has had anything to say to the drama just yet. We’re guessing they likely won’t comment, and will let the matter fade over time itself, as do most matters.

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