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With each passing day, we get a step closer in getting to know about the latest advancements and leaks in the smartphone industry. With the key players being months away from even announcing their flagship phones, there have already been leaks about what the latest smartphones will feature this year.

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Sony’s First One-Inch Phone-Oriented Camera Sensor

As per reports by Gizmochina, which is the biggest platform to report technological and innovative reports from China, Sony’s plans to release the one-inch, phone oriented camera sensor called the IMX800 in the month of April. The following leak was tipped off by a leaker named Rodent950 who has a good track-record in the past in terms of reporting leaks.

Even though not much has been leaked however there is a huge chance of this sensor being incorporated into the Huawei P50 Series. It is expected that this specific sensor manufactured by Sony would be supplemented with the current technology of the Huawei smartphones’ camera and is expected to be incorporated into its high-end phones.

What Will This Camera Sensor Designed And Manufactured By Sony Will Do?

Almost nothing other than the size of the camera sensor has been revealed yet to the public so far it would be too early to determine what change this camera sensor would bring, however, it is expected that the color and the background blur would improve drastically. However, the specifications, pros and cons can only be determined once we get these sensors incorporated into a phone.

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A camera sensor that is one inch in size is too big even for modern phones which have a relatively large space for multiple lenses of their cameras and it is being suggested that it might influence the placement of the secondary camera. If these rumors are true, it would be exciting to see how the future smartphones would look like. Moreover, what difference is Sony able to bring into the quality of the pictures and videos considering that the Japanese multinational company is credited for being one of the biggest camera, audio/visual technology companies in the world. Some sources say that Huawei’s P50 Pro would be one of the first phones to have this particular sensor. Sony and Huawei are yet to confirm or deny any of these rumors.

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