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There was a time in history when Atari was the most advanced gaming system. The introduction of a singular joystick into gaming brought about a whole turning point. When the Sega was released, it was considered revolutionary. They had managed to compress so much software into one small box.

Stepping into the 21st century, the PlayStation 2 took the market by storm. It is still considered as the Most sold console of all time. PlayStation 4 release in 2014 till now has not broken that record. So, with 2020 at an end, what should we know about PS 5? How is it any different from its predecessors?

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1. The Design

The PS 5 steps apart from the usual black design. It comes in a combination of black and white both. Apart from the color, it has two variants. One of them is digital-only, and the other comes with an attached disc drive. For all of you collectors with disc nostalgia, the latter suits you best. At the console’s reveal, it was teased that there would be another accessory for the console.

Whether it is an external SSD for extra storage remains to be seen. Despite the hype, a lot has been kept in the dark until users actually get a hand on one of these.

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2. Dual shock 5 – A step into next-gen

PS 5 comes with a state-of-the-art next-generation controller. It contains features that have never been experienced in any of the controllers before. When PlayStation 3 came out, everyone wanted a feel of that wireless controller. You were no longer tethered to the console at a small distance. PlayStation 4 improved the console and brought about sensors. These included a touch in the center and a gyro for in-game rotation.

PlayStation 5 controller, at it’s best, features haptic feedback. This means that if you’re playing a racing game with a car on the muddy ground, the controller will give a different sense. It will adapt according to the conditions of the game. If your gun jams mid-game or you have a heavy machine gun in-game, it will be harder to press the triggers. Not just this, the controller has an In-Built microphone.

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3. The User Interface

The interface of the PS 5 will offer better ease of access for users. Everything is much more organized when you open up the launch screen.

Every game and news are sorted into different folders. The PlayStation Store has been Integrated into the screen too. This is better as opposed to opening a new app every time you wish to open the store.

4. PS VR

One of the most exciting updates to look forward to is the PlayStation Virtual reality system. Since many games in the future are going to be based on VR, it made sense to include this feature.

With the PS 5, there is compatibility present for the PlayStation VR! Isn’t that exciting? Maybe there is a chance you will be able to play Half-Life: Alyx with this purchase.

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5. Upcoming Games

Of course, one cannot mention a gaming console without informing about the games. Recent events announced a new God Of War game, which is expected to be two steps up the previous one.

Not just this, Dying Light 2 is set to release for the PS5 too. Apart from ‘The Last Of Us,’ the writer of this article ranks Dying Light as the best zombie game ever.

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PS4 support is expected to end after 2022, after which they will permanently shift to next-gen. So start saving up!

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